Kelly Eastwood art

Kelly Eastwood art exhibition

Keyy Eastwood tells us about her latest exhibition:

“This series of illustrations was inspired by my eldest child Els, who has an interest in star-signs. She is the same age I was when I first began buying magazines – just to read the horoscopes! It was Els that re-ignited my desire to know more about astrology and the zodiac.

“Broadly speaking, astrology is the study of the movement and position of stars and planets around the earth. The zodiac is a region across the sky, that spans across the celestial sphere, over the course of a year. The region or ‘belt’, as it is often referred to, is split into 12 quadrants and corresponds to star constellations. These are known as the star signs.

“I am particularly interested in the characteristics and traits assigned to a person, born on a particular date and under a certain star sign. Whilst producing this series it has been intriguing to explore the characteristics of each sign. Very often, I come across a sign that describes traits I recognise in friends and loved ones. Personally, I feel very connected to my sign, Cancer.

“As a child, prone to worry and anxiety, it was a huge relief and enlightening feeling to read what my star sign said about me…. “Cancerians are emotional and sensitive……..sympathetic……and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering”. Hearing this was transformative and enabled me to accept and embrace my emotional and sensitive side. I was able to harness this deep empathy and utilize my caring skills to have a career in childcare and health.

“In my illustrations, I have drawn from my interest in astrology to present my interpretation of the star signs, projected on a Jersey backdrop.”

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Jun 06 - 24 2022


All Day


No charge


Café Jac, Jersey
Phillips Street, St Helier, JE2 4SW, Jersey



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