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See Forward C> offers consultancy on Workplace Well-being, Mindset & Mental Health Employee Assistance Programmes, Coaching and Workshops. Employee well-being reflects directly on productivity and performance. This in turn, helps businesses create a mindful workplace and supports their CSR and ESG efforts.

Creating a positive and engaged workplace culture which is human-centred and mindful of the health & well-being of all employees has become, in many ways, the number one priority for most businesses today. We have developed employee assistance programs in order to increase health & wellness, employee success journeys, employee engagement and employee retention. Our programmes aim to cover the full employment contract and increase business profitability.

Our mobile app aims to help people reach the well-being they seek with minimum amount of effort. Because a quick fix will not deliver long term results, the structure of the app is capable to deliver habit forming benefits through modules that run over 60 to 90 days. Our main drive is to help people improve their mindset in order to get better at living.

We provide tools to help people:

  • fight procrastination or non-constructive mental loops;
  • increase success and help them to improve their emotional audit;
  • change their internal dialogue to a constructive, positive state of mind.

The 3 Points of Happiness©:

  • improve self-guiding and self-direction;
  • help people to find the individual changing elements;
  • support people to construct their own happiness;
  • maintain a positive mindset in changing environments.

Our workshops are designed to prioritise a healthy mindset and improve well-being. We share both fundamentals and latest research around forward-looking mindset and workplace cultures by creating a new kind of dialogue and exchange on the topic of workplace culture building.

What is unique about your business? Why should people come to you?

We help people create new habits and eliminate limiting beliefs or mental blocks with minimum amount of effort. The series of well-researched insights on relevant topics are created by the C> team which consists of consultants and specialists with expertise in psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, career progression, personal development and coaching.  We can guarantee results only if people follow the structure we have put in place.

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