Deborah Forsythe, RN, RM, INP, BSc

Deborah’s primary speciality was accident and emergency medicine. From there she moved to medical aesthetics, stemming from observing the distress caused by facial trauma during her time working in Belfast and London.

Menopause Expertise and Consultancy

I am a graduate of the Marion Gluck Academy, trained in hormone balancing therapy using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and body identical therapy.

My interest in Menopause and related hormonal disturbances came from my own experience.

Despite knowing and understanding the process, when it happened to me it was chaos. I promised myself I would find the pathways to help other women have the opportunity to change their own experience and take control of their menopause in a productive way. Through my work my clients regain their confidence and make informed decisions about their menopause transition.

I now provide women with solutions, treatments and support to sleep well, feel well, be strong and healthy, to live their best lives and be their best selves – all whilst navigating the challenges of ageing, and dealing with the physical and mental issues that arise from their menopause.

I specialise in treating my patients with a combination program of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and functional nutrition plans. Each program is planned for the specific individual needs of each of my patients.

My methods have been tried, tested and shared with clients to achieve results.

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