Life Lessons Nutrition

Joanne Posey, Registered Nutritional Therapist, DipION, CNHC, mBANT
Owner of Life Lessons Nutrition & creator of the Blood Balance Plan.

If you’re someone who’s been on innumerable diets, or you’re taking a cocktail of meds, or you’re simply worried about what your future is going to look like, health-wise, then I’d love to hear from you. Because the Blood Balance Plan was created with you in mind.

The foundation of the plan is that together we uncover the root of your health issues and rebuild your life to support wellness, for keeps. I give you the tools to become a stranger to your doctor and to never need to ‘diet’ again.

Geography is not an issue as all the materials & all consultations are online, so wherever you are, I’m able to help. The first chat is always free so why not drop me a line and let’s get a call scheduled.

If you’re lucky enough to be pretty well, give or take the odd niggle, but you’re not sure if you’re doing everything you can to stay that way, then I’d love to speak with you too as the Reboot was put together for you. Further details on all the above are on the website, but the quickest route to having your questions answered is to drop me a line.

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